Studio-X Open Memory Project

The Studio-X Open Memory library is now live:

‘Open Memory’ contains over 100 books on subjects perceived as taboo in the life of cities. With books on the themes of history, memory and space from Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Mumbai, and New York, the collection surfaces narratives usually excluded from conventional discourses.

‘Open Memory’ was developed within the ‘Compressed: Guantánamos’ exhibition at Studio-X Istanbul April 4th - May 9th 2014, which presented Guantánamo as a starting point to reflect on states of exception and the ambiguities when the rule of law is suspended.

With special thanks to Selva Gürdoğan (Studio-X Istanbul) for initiating the project and  to Chris Sala (Avery Library) for making this platform possible.

Visit the site: We look forward to receive your suggestions. Please share them here:


The Future of the Interior at Studio-X


This week Studio-X Rio launches the initiative The Future of the Interior. A research workshop and vibrant forum engaging regional and international experts for rebooting global perceptions of interior spaces.

For the first workshop, Studio-X Rio proposes to start from the conceptual qualities of the veranda as a strategy to design spaces for social interaction in social relevance context.

Monday, July 21:

The Urban History of Praça Tiradentes

Domesticity and the Varanda

The Work of Hélio Oiticica

Tuesday, July 22:

Fake Industries Architectural Agonism (FKAA)

Wednesday, July 23:

The Future of Heritage

Thursday, July 24:

Metropolitan Rio

From the Varandas to the Pilotis

These lectures are part of the initiative “The Future of the Interior” by Studio-X and Woods Bagot.

Export Archive at the Venice Biennial: Call for Submissions

Seeking submissions to the Venice Biennale. Contributions welcome via fax, email and scan.

Content open. All formats valid.

June 7 - 14, 2014

Export Archive will insert itself within Venice, making space for texts, conversations, and happenings excluded or apart from the biennial’s official program. It is an index of omission and site of addition. If the biennial’s paper trail is a wide one, what are the secret paths that fork from it?

The project is two-sided. Part one: for a week in June, Export Archive will hold court for submissions to the Venice Biennale. We will receive contributions via fax and email, circumventing restricted access physically and conceptually. The aim is to broadcast ideas both contentious and whimsical from abroad and on the ground. In addition to this facsimile biennale, we will cull materials from events and actions in Venice unrelated to, or unsanctioned by, the biennial.

Together this will create the content of a micro-exhibition displayed in real time. As submissions flow in they will be exhibited in GSAPP’s VCE-14 Observatory space beginning on June 7, coinciding with the opening of the official biennial. Modes of display will correspond to the format of the contributions. Material will be housed in bookshelves, pinned to the walls, and hosted on the Studio-X website. The aim is to challenge the boundaries of the biennale in physical and digital space, to broaden its public and shake up its content. Toward these ends, we will also invite speakers into our space for interviews, informal talks, and impromptu aperitivos regarding their extra-biennial projects. By gathering and cataloging these materials we will compile an alternative archive in Venice.

Export Archive

Observatory VCE-14

San Polo 387, Second Floor, 30125 Venice, Italy

 Email  for further instructions.

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Exhibition Opening: Global Africa Lab - Mobility and Trade: Data, Media, Race + Space



Tuesday, April 8, 2014 6:00pm. 200 Level, Avery Hall

Global Africa Lab’s six-week workshop conducted in New York City and Johannesburg, South Africa brought together students and faculty from three universities with local activists, street traders, artists, architects, geographers, and…