Exhibition Opening: Global Africa Lab - Mobility and Trade: Data, Media, Race + Space



Tuesday, April 8, 2014 6:00pm. 200 Level, Avery Hall

Global Africa Lab’s six-week workshop conducted in New York City and Johannesburg, South Africa brought together students and faculty from three universities with local activists, street traders, artists, architects, geographers, and…

Studio-X Research Guide now live!

The Studio-X Research Guide it is not intended to be a comprehensive manual of each city but rather a platform for sparking the conversation about its contemporary challenges. The guide is curated by the Studio-X directors together with a group of Columbia University librarians, faculty and students, and we look forward to receive your suggestions.Please share them here: studiox@columbia.edu
With special thanks to Chris Sala of Avery Library.

Mimarlar Mezarlığı / Cemetery of Architects - Tayfun Serttaş

During January 31st - March 28th, Studio-X Istanbul hosts Tayfun Serttaş’s exhibition ‘Cemetery of Architects’ and the launch of his book ‘Trilogy of the Deserted City’.

As its second project during January 31st - March 28th, 2014, Studio-X hosts Tayfun Serttaş’s exhibition,…

Welcome to Safari - Safari SZ/HK

Shenzhen and Hong Kong residents can now use the metro to explore urban animal life.  A public art project called “Safari SZHK” makes self-guided tours for metro riders to use on the train.Safari invites you to use the city’s metro system and the Safari Base Camp to tour the shared urban zoo! The project will be exhibited at the 2013 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (http://www.szhkbiennale.org/). 

Safari SZHK is the fourth in a series of tours that started in New York in 2009, and extended to Beijing in 2011 and São Paulo in 2013 through the Columbia Studio-X Global Network. The Safari series was founded by the Urban Landscape Lab and MTWTF.